Ipswich Wildlife Audit 2012-13

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In 2012 the Council commissioned Suffolk Wildlife Trust Trading Limited to update the Ipswich Wildlife Audit from 2000. The audit has been carried out over two years and was completed in autumn 2013. It takes the form of a Phase 1 (extended) Habitat Survey, which is a standardised system for recording semi-natural vegetation and other wildlife habitats.

The audit included potential development sites, open spaces and County Wildlife Sites. The information is presented as individual site reports using a standardised reporting form including a Phase 1 map and photographs. The presence, or likely presence, of Biodiversity Action Plan habitats and species and also protected species is recorded.

The introduction below describes the methodology used for the audit and lists all the sites surveyed. It also provides a key to the habitat maps included in the site sheets. Please refer to the introduction before reading individual site sheets.

The individual site sheets can be viewed below, including sites at the Northern Fringe (sites 144 - 149):

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