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The role of Honorary Recorder is a purely civic and ceremonial one which carries no formal duties or powers. It is however an important link between the council, the people and the courts.

Historically, the Recorder of a town or city was a legal representative charged with the duties of dispensing justice at the Court. The Recorder was also one of the key holders for the Town's Chest, where the important Town documents were stored.

The responsibilities of the post include providing independent legal advice to the Mayor and Chief Executive if and when required, assisting the Mayor or Chief Executive in any other activity relevant to the district, provided it is politically non-controversial, and acting as one of the Mayor's escorts at ceremonial civic events.

Honorary Recorders of Ipswich 1803 to the present day

1803-1819 Robert Alderson
1819-1831 Vacant
1831-1842 Charles Frederick Williams KC
1842-1848 William Thomas Shave Daniel
1848-1861 David Power
1861-1866 James Redford Buliver
1866-1877 W J Metcalfe
1877-1906 Thomas Calthorpe Blofeld
1906-1915 The Hon Sir Frederick Low KC
1915-1936 Heber Leonidis Hart KC
1937-1947 Grafton Deen Pyror
1947-1958 The Hon Sir Stephen Gerald Howard QC, MP
1958-1968 The Hon Sir Sebag Shaw QC
1968-1971 William McLaren Howard QC
1971-1975 Break appears to be due to 1971 Courts Act and reorganisation of local government
1975-1999 His Hon Judge Bertrand Richards
2000-2018 His Hon Judge John Devaux
2019-current His Hon Judge Martyn Levett

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Ipswich Borough Council,
2W Grafton House,
15-17 Russell Road,

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