Krissy and Friends receive recycling cash

Published7th November 2017

A national recycling scheme supported by Ipswich Borough Council has raised £5,000 for the Krissy and Friends Foundation charity.

After each cremation, and with the agreement of the family, the metals from the coffin, along with orthopaedic implants, are recycled. The scheme is endorsed by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management.

A cheque was presented to representatives of the charity by Bereavement Services portfolio-holder Councillor Sophie Meudec.

The Borough Council strives to prevent metals that are left following a cremation from being unnecessarily buried and posing a threat to the environment. It is always going to be a sensitive issue, so the Council is part of a national recycling scheme that enables it to nominate organisations for a donation.

Krissy and Friends support local families with access to music-related therapy for children with a life-changing illness or injury.

Kris Moore and Katharin Gosling from the Krissy and Friends Foundation, said: “For a charity of our size to be given this money makes a huge difference to what we can offer. Over the past year, we have been supporting four local charities but now, because of this fantastic donation, we have the opportunity to extend the support we offer. What makes it even better is that it was a bolt out of the blue, an absolutely brilliant one!”