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When is Listed Building Consent required?

Listed Building Consent should be applied for where work is proposed to a listed building which could have the potential to affect the character or significance of the listed building. This could include work such as replacing a window or door, repositioning an internal wall or changing the planform of the building, changing the roof covering, creating or enlarging openings, replacing or 'opening up' fireplaces, building extensions, demolition and much more. The Council has a legal duty to protect the significance of listed buildings, so Conservation and Urban Design Officers are obliged to provide advice on proposed works and make appropriate recommendations with regard to impact of proposals on the significance of a listed building.

It is an offence to carry out or instruct works to a listed building which does not benefit from Listed Building Consent. If you are unsure whether work you propose to carry out requires Listed Building Consent, we recommend you consult the Conservation and Urban Design department for advice.

Planning Permission

It is often the case that work requiring Listed Building Consent will also require Planning Permission, for which there is a fee. If this is the case, it is advised that the two applications are submitted together.

Please note, some works that do not require Planning Permission at all (particularly internal alterations) may still require Listed Building Consent.

Building Regulations

You should also seek advice with regard to Building Regulation approval. The Council has the power to relax certain requirements of the Building Regulations where their strict application would be unreasonable concerning work that will affect the character of a listed building.

How long can it take to get Consent?

It usually takes eight weeks to process a Listed Building Consent application. However, this can take longer in complex cases or where revisions and negotiations are required.

The Council must advertise application for consent both on site and in the local press and must allow at least 21 days for public comment. Work should never begin until a notice giving consent has been received.

Before submitting an application for Listed Building Consent, we recommend that you ask for informal advice before proposals are firmly drawn up.

How do I apply for Listed Building Consent?

Applications should be accompanied by sufficient details to identify the building and show in detail the proposals and their effect on the character of the building. This is usually done by means of 'existing' and 'proposed' plans and elevations.

Applicants for Listed Building Consent should justify their proposals, supported by a comprehensive Heritage Statement which explains the impact of the proposals on the significance of the listed building. The Council can decline to accept applications where insufficient information is provided.

You can apply for Listed Building Consent via the Planning Portal website - simply click on the button below. There is currently no fee for applications for Listed Building Consent.

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Alternatively, you can complete an application form by hand and send us paper copies: