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Local List (Buildings of Townscape Interest) SPD

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Ipswich Borough Council adopted a Local List (Buildings of Townscape Interest) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) in 2013.

Following a review, revisions to the Local List were adopted on 27th July 2016. The revisions add eight properties to the list and revise the entries for two buildings currently on the list at 220 Rushmere Road and 224-226 Rushmere Road.  The documents should be read together.

The Local List SPD and revisions update the Ipswich Society's 1984 Local List of buildings of townscape interest in Ipswich. These are buildings which, although not meeting the national criteria for listing, are important locally either by themselves or as part of a group.

The SPD supports the Council's Core Strategy policy DM9 Buildings of Townscape Interest and helps to further the Council's objective of preserving and enhancing the historic fabric and special character of Ipswich.