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Historic buildings once lost are gone forever. Between 1985 and 1994 only four Listed buildings disappeared, and none have been demolished since 1995.

Ipswich Buildings at Risk Register

In 1987, 44 buildings out of 550 were considered to be at risk. In 2012, the total has reduced to six buildings out of 650. This has been achieved by a combination of persuasion and small amounts of grant aid to owners or, in the last resort, the threat of the use of our statutory powers.

Not all buildings at risk have irresponsible or unsympathetic owners. Some buildings have been saved by conscientious, dedicated owners; sometimes in phased repairs over extended periods.

Not all buildings are straightforward to repair or convert to a new use. However, recent examples of buildings successfully removed from the Register include 13 Museum Street. Built in 1847 as the Ipswich Museum and subsequently used as a dance school, this fine building was vacant for over 20 years before being converted into a restaurant in 2008.

Ipswich Building Preservation Trust was established in 1977 by the Council to act as a 'repairer of last resort', assisting the Council in dealing with the dilapidated buildings in Ipswich that might otherwise not be repaired. The Council and the Trust work closely on buildings at risk issues.

Ipswich buildings at risk can be viewed below and information about these buildings can be obtained from the Conservation Service.

Suffolk's Buildings at Risk Register

Our Conservation Service works jointly with the other Suffolk local planning authorities to produce an annual Buildings at Risk Register for the county.

The current version of this register, with details of the specific buildings (all illustrated), is available to buy or download from the Suffolk County Council website.

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