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Building regulations are a set of standards for building work that protect the safety, health and welfare of people in and around built environments.

If you are planning to carry out any building work on your property, you must make sure that you apply for building regulations before any work takes place.

Before submitting an application please request a fee quotation for the planned works by clicking the button below.

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Once you have received this fee quotation you will be able to submit the relevant Building Regulation by clicking on the Apply links below.

There are three different types of building regulations

Full Plans

Used for all types of building projects, this is the most detailed option.

The Full Plans procedure must be used if the building work is in connection with a building that:

  • The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to;
  • Is to be erected over a sewer;
  • Is situated in a private road.

You will need to submit a full set of detailed plans, specifications and calculations showing how the work will meet the regulations and the correct fee.

Within three weeks of receiving your application a Surveyor will carry out a detailed appraisal of the proposal. After this, you or your agent (if an agent has been appointed) will be contacted for any additional information, clarification or some other form of amendment. You will have five weeks to supply the required information.

Once you or your agent have satisfactorily answered these queries, a formal Notice of Approval with or without conditions will be issued which will remain valid for three years from the date of deposit.  You are then safe in the knowledge that, providing you and your builder construct strictly in accordance with the plans and any conditions, the Regulations will be satisfied. 

You or your builder must notify us at various stages so that the work can be inspected. You will be advised on how to book inspections when your application is acknowledged.

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Building Notice Submission

Used for smaller projects, it's a formal notice that you intend to start your building project.

A building notice cannot be used if:

  • The building is not used for a 'relevant use' and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 does not apply to the work you are planning to do.
  • The work does not involve the construction, extension or underpinning of a building, which is being built over or within 3 metres of a public sewer or disposal main.
  • The work, which includes the erection of a building, does not front on to a private street.

You will need to submit the application form along with the correct fee. Once received, the details will be checked, and you will be issued with a Building Notice Acceptance. You should note that this does not in any way indicate prior approval of your proposals.

The project will be inspected as it progresses so be prepared to obtain further information if asked for it. If we're not happy with the work, you may have to rectify this at your own cost.

You or your builder must notify us at various stages so that the work can be inspected. Find out how to request a site inspection.

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Regularisation certificate

Used when applying for approval of building work that's already been carried out without consent. This is only possible for work that has been undertaken since 1985.

You will need to submit plans of the work, where necessary, and the correct fee.

Once your application is submitted a surveyor will visit the property to ascertain the extent of the works completed and request to inspect certain elements of the construction. Once these elements have been exposed for inspection and your surveyor is satisfied they comply with the requirements in force at the time the works were carried out a Regularisation Certificate will be issued. It should be noted that the Building Control Surveyor may require additional work to be carried out to achieve compliance with the Building Regulations.

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