The mayoralty in Ipswich

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Although Ipswich was granted its first Charter in 1200, the Corporation (or assembly as it was called) prior to 1835 consisted at different times of:

  • Two bailiffs;
  • The high steward;
  • Coroner;
  • Twelve portmen;
  • Twenty-four common council of headboroughs;
  • An indefinite number of burgesses or freemen;
  • A recorder;
  • A town clerk;
  • Chamberlains;
  • A water bailiff;
  • A treasurer;
  • Clavigers (or record keepers - they held the keys to the muniment chest);
  • Sergeants-at-mace.

The office of the Head of the Corporation is as old as the Borough itself. In Ipswich the office was shared between two bailiffs. In 1835 these were Henry Gallant Bristo and John Chevallier Cobbold.

The Municipal Reform Commissioners carried out various inquiries covering Boroughs in England. This survey lasted two or three years and culminated in the passing of the Municipal Corporations Act in 1835.

The old corporation (or Assembly) was replaced in 1835 by a Mayor, High Steward, Recorder, ten Aldermen and thirty Councillors, with the usual officers.

The first Mayor of Ipswich

The first Mayor of Ipswich was elected on the 31st December 1835 and he took up office on the 1st January 1836.

He was Benjamin Brame (born 1772 died 1851 aged 79). He was a solicitor of Lower Brook Street in St. Peter's Parish and was a Whig. He was also one of the ten Aldermen, nominated for Mayor by F.F. Seekamp and seconded by W. May and unanimously elected. He was a Freeman enrolled on the 8th September 1794.

Female Mayors of Ipswich

To date there have been 21 female Mayors (only called lady when the male version is a Lord Mayor). The first in 1946 was Mrs M. Whitmore and the most recent is current Mayor Lynne Mortimer:

  • 1953 Lesley Lewis;
  • 1961 C. Green;
  • 1966 Marjorie Keeble;
  • 1973 Ruby Skerritt;
  • 1975 and 1982 Beryl James;
  • 1981 Ann Smith;
  • 1986 Gillian Auton;
  • 1989 Sheila Baguley;
  • 1992 Joan Cubbin;
  • 1993 Margaret Alderton;
  • 1998 Jeannette Macartney;
  • 2001 Maureen Carrington-Brown;
  • 2003 Penny Breakwell;
  • 2007 Inga Lockington;
  • 2010 Jane Chambers;
  • 2013 Mary Blake;
  • 2017 Sarah Barber;
  • 2018 Jane Riley;
  • 2019 - 2021 Jan Parry;
  • 2021 Jane Riley;
  • 2021-2022 Elizabeth Hughes
  • 2023-2024 Lynne Mortimer

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