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Meet some of the apprentices who work for Ipswich Borough Council:

Cristina | Apprentice Tenant Participation Officer

After finishing my A- Levels, I was offered a place to study English Literature at Bath Spa University. However, I kept my options open to an Apprenticeship or Trainee role as I knew I wanted to kick start my career sooner rather than later. I wanted to break away from studying full time, but I realised I probably did not have all the skills yet working in a professional office environment. I came across this Apprenticeship and grabbed the opportunity knowing that this would be my platform to start a career in Housing. 

I worked full time as a waitress and a barmaid in a restaurant/ club whilst waiting for an opportunity to do a Trainee/Apprenticeship role that suited me. I enjoyed my 9 months working with my former team. 

My apprenticeship involves completing two assignments each month, specific to Housing Services, which I fit in within my normal day-to- day responsibilities. Within the written aspect of my apprenticeship, I need to demonstrate the skills and behaviours I’ve learnt such as when doing my research, shadowing officers, attending conferences. By completing my apprenticeship, I will gain a CIH Level 3 Housing Management qualification. 

In my work role, I work with volunteer tenants who are active in making a positive change in their area. We involve tenants in community projects, forums and workshops to help them gain knowledge on how the council is run, as well as get first hand communication with their local Councillors about what is happening in their area. Their commitment to the programme ultimately achieves an improved service delivery as they can directly question and influence the Council’s decision- making in Housing Services.

The best part of my role is the responsibilities are very varied, meaning I have to practise and apply many different skills in what I do. I enjoy speaking to and meeting different people whilst making the most of the benefits of working in the council. The challenges that I face motivates me to improve. 

I would recommend IBC Apprenticeship highly as it gives you a chance to hone your skills not just on the job but also on forming important relationships with clients and colleagues. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by colleagues who are driven and are committed to what they do, and it helps me to improve myself as I progress in my role. Apprenticeships opens up so many doors to young people, and want to earn money whilst they amp their skills as professionals.

Conor | Revenue and Benefits Apprentice 

Before this apprenticeship, I had taken a year away from education and worked in retail at Next. I applied for this apprenticeship role as I wanted a job where I could continue to learn and grow, as well as, earn money and gain experience for a chance of a permanent position after my apprenticeship has finished. I chose this particular apprenticeship because I achieved good results in my maths exams and I enjoy working with figures.

I am learning multiple roles in SRP and gaining knowledge on council tax while working towards a Level 3 in Business Administration. 

My work role involves processing information provided by the public enabling their council tax account to be opened or correctly updated. This information is supplied in a variety of ways and on several occasions needs to be chased up. Collecting this information involved composing letters, emails or phone calls explaining the working out and figures of people’s council tax accounts. 

I enjoy the people I work with and being able to get further experience working with figures. I would recommend an apprenticeship at Ipswich Borough Council as it is a great opportunity to learn, grow and earn at the same time, as well as working in a great team. 

Emily | Apprentice Community Safety Assistant 

Before I started this apprenticeship I was studying Law, English Literature and Business at Sixth Form. I knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship so had started looking around. I looked at Ipswich Borough Council apprenticeships first because I knew it would be a great organisation to work for. When I saw this apprenticeship come up I applied because the job role was something I knew I would be interested in and enjoy.  

I am 3 months into my apprenticeship and really enjoying working here and within the Community Safety Team. I will be doing this apprenticeship for a year and I am doing a Level 2 Business Admin qualification alongside this.  

My team deals with projects such as Crucial Crew which is a 2-week event for 10 and 11 year olds from schools across Ipswich to come and learn valuable safety messages, the reporting of drug related litter, Anti-Social Behaviour, Closure Orders on properties, Street Drinking and with developing a Public Spaces Protection Order. My role is to assist in these different areas. I attend a number of different meetings which discuss various matters so to broaden my knowledge and after I complete my minute taking course I will become more involved in these. 

I really enjoy working in so many different areas within my team. All the jobs and projects I am involved in are really interesting and I love that it is all involved around the community. I also love the team I work in! I would 100% recommend an Ipswich Borough Council Apprenticeship to others! I love working here and get opportunity after opportunity to expand my skills, knowledge, and grow as a person. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful when I joined, and are here to help you succeed and progress.  

Scarlett | Customer Experience Apprentice 

I am currently in a year-long customer experience apprenticeship at Ipswich Town Hall and Corn Exchange. When completing my apprenticeship, I will gain a Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service. My job role includes working as a receptionist on the Town Hall main entrance, responding to enquiries received via email or phone call. I help aid the planning of events such as meetings and conferences, birthday parties, concerts and wedding receptions, ensuring that all rooms within the venue are set up ready for viewings and events. I maintain good housekeeping around the venue, as well as, organising the invoicing and payment of events. I finished sixth form, and acted as a lead role in a feature length horror film, as well as, working as a personal shopper at Tesco, Martlesham. I applied for this apprenticeship as I found the Town Hall to be a striking and fascinating building that I would be proud to work in. To be surrounded by such beauty and history would make any early morning worthwhile! With the Town Hall being situated in the heart of Ipswich, I knew that every day would bring different and insightful tasks and experiences.

I enjoy working with a kind, supportive team that are all passionate about their job. When working in customer services, occasionally you do experience some challenging customers, but having a strong team behind you make it a lot easier. Fortunately, working at the Town Hall brings lots of wonderful customers that are just as appreciative of the building as we are. 

I would definitely recommend an Ipswich Borough Council Apprenticeship as it has opened up so many opportunities for me and taught me varied skills that I can use in the workplace, not just in customer services. I've already started working as front of house and bar staff for the venues shows and events on a separate contact and I am hoping to continue this after my apprenticeship has finished. 

Josh | HR Apprentice

I am an Apprentice in Human Resources. Before I was in this role I was looking online for a part time job to do alongside college. I very much enjoyed the social aspects of college, however, after completing my first year I wasn’t being as receptive to the type of learning being delivered to me; I felt like I needed a new challenge in my life and wanted to push myself to be the best I could, something I felt college wasn’t doing for me. Then I found this apprenticeship while looking for part time jobs as my plan was not to initially leave college. 

The apprenticeship really appealed to me as I have a real passion for Human Resources. This apprenticeship gave me the perfect opportunity as not only would it give me experience but it would also give me a recognised qualification in the field. At first upon application I was very optimistic as I had never thought about leaving college before but after lots of comparing between college and the work life I decided that the benefits of the apprenticeship outweighed staying at college.

My apprenticeship involves recruitment within Human Resources, alongside carrying out Payroll tasks and finally providing great customer service to other employees within the organisation. The atmosphere between all the employees is very friendly and I was welcomed with open arms by everyone in the organisation. I was also very impressed with how the Council structured my training to allow me to feel like an integral part of the busy Human Resources team despite only just joining. I also get lots of support when carrying out my studies for my HR qualification – in total I will gain 3 recognised qualifications which will push me forward in my career. 

While working in HR I have learnt so many things in 6 weeks, I have done work in recruitment this involves taking on lots of responsibility and gives you confidence as it shows that you are trusted, however, it requires high levels of confidentiality as you could be dealing with personal issues within the work place. Recruitment can involve processing job applications received by managers and advertising jobs online which requires a good attention to detail. In Payroll, I update various employees’ details on the system.

The best part of my job is being able to make a difference. Human Resources aims to refine processes for employees to make their everyday working lives easier. I enjoy the diverse environment I work in, my job is never the same every day and this is enough to keep anyone engaged. 

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is interested in kick-starting their career. If you need a new challenge an apprenticeship is something I highly recommend as I believe I am not only becoming a more qualified worker while completing my apprenticeship but I am also developing so many personal skills, this not only gives such a great sense of achievement but it also makes you more employable and could put you years ahead of someone with college or even university qualifications. 

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