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Meet some of the apprentices who work for Ipswich Borough Council:

Louis | Maintenance and Contracts

Louis is completing an Apprenticeship as a Carpenter with IBC.

Hear what Louis says about his apprenticeship here

Sophie and Krista | Human Resources

Sophie and Krista are both completing a HR Apprenticeship with IBC.

Hear what Sophie has to say about her apprenticeship here

Hear what Krista has to say about her apprenticeship here

Harry and Lewis | Community Safety & Health and Wellbeing 

Harry joined IBC as an apprentice in the community support team in 2021 and Lewis started his apprenticeship in the Health and Wellbeing team in August 2021.

Read their thoughts here

Tom | Maintenance and Contracts

I am doing an apprenticeship with Ipswich borough council to become an electrician. At the end of the apprenticeship I will be a fully qualified electrician with a life-long career. I found out about the opportunity from an online advert, the application process was very easy to follow, I was selected for an interview and was lucky enough to get offered the job.

Since starting, I have had a great time learning the trade with great mentors. I've learnt many additional skills seperate from the trade itself, such as time management and important people skills from working with both customers and colleagues. Throughout my year-and-a-half working for IBC I have been well supported with practical skills whilst at work plus help with the theory that I learn at college.

I would recommend an apprenticeship with Ipswich Borough Council to anybody who feels an apprenticeship is the path they want to take.

Lisa | Business Support

I was made redundant from my previous role I was looking for a job that was secure with a low risk of redundancy. The range of job roles within Ipswich Borough Council also really appealed to me, and I think that my apprenticeship will be a good starting block from which I can explore a variety of career options. Serving my community was also a big reason to join IBC as I like helping people and making a difference to their lives.

Read Lisa's full story here.

Stephen | Grounds Maintenance 

I have chosen an apprenticeship with IBC as I have lived in Ipswich all of my life, given me that familiarity in the environment that makes me more confident to apply, and for their variety of job roles that caught my eye and help spread my opinions in what role I wanted to go for.

Read Stephen's full story here.

Apprenticeship Event in December 2022 The photograph (left) shows current Ipswich Borough Council apprentices at a dedicated apprentice all-day event at Ipswich Town Hall in December 2022.

Read here about the benefits you receive whilst working as an apprentice at Ipswich Borough Council.

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