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New bins for Ipswich parks

Published29th January 2018

Ipswich Borough Council is installing new bins across the town's parks that can be used for all general rubbish – and that will now include dog mess in plastic bags.

The last special bins for dog mess have been removed from Christchurch Park.

The original dog mess bins were introduced because mess had to be separated from other rubbish because it should not go into general landfill.

However, now that all the town’s waste is sent to the incinerator in Great Blakenham, it is fine for the dog mess to be burned with other waste. It is still an offence for owners to allow their dogs to foul paths in the park.

A spokesman for the borough council said: "New bins have been installed at entrances to Christchurch Park and if visitors feel that there is a need for one elsewhere they should tell park rangers based at the Reg Driver Centre."