Parking provision for new developments

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Local Plan Policy

The Council’s policy on parking provision for new developments in Ipswich is set out in policy DM18 of the adopted Core Strategy and Policies development plan document review (February 2017).

Suffolk Guidance for Parking

In considering the determination of planning applications, Ipswich Borough Council also refers to the Suffolk Guidance for Parking, which replaced the Suffolk Advisory Parking Standards (2002), and was formally adopted by Ipswich Borough Council at its Executive meeting on 10th February 2015. The Suffolk Guidance for Parking was adopted by Suffolk County Council in November 2014 and updated with a second edition in November 2015, see update briefing.

Parking guidance within the IP-One (central) area

Within the IP-One area of Ipswich, the Council will require maximum standards of car parking provision for residential development and operational parking for commercial development. The standards are to be established through a supplementary planning document (SPD). A 'call for ideas' public consultation on the scope and content of the SPD took place in July/August 2015 and following adoption of the Council’s Local Plan in February 2017, a further ‘call for ideas’ is taking place in June/July 2017. It is anticipated that a draft SPD will be published for consultation in 2017/2018.