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Permits in residents' parking zones

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If you live permanently in a Residents’ Parking Zone you can buy an annual residents’ permit for your household.*

You can also buy daily permits for your visitors. Businesses in the residents’ zone can also buy residents’ permits.

*Some properties located in the residents' zones are not included in the scheme, for example any new development or property conversion completed since 2005 may not be included. If in doubt please contact Ipswich Parking Services.

To find out if your street is in one of the zones take a look at the map on the Residents' Parking Zones page. 

How to apply for your permit

Ipswich Borough Council is introducing a new virtual permit scheme throughout 2018. All zones are now live.

If you live in a Permit Zone please visit the virtual permit page


Permit requiredAnnual Fee
First residents' permit (car or motorcycle)£40
Second residents' car permit (zones 1, 3 and 4 only)£70
Second motorcycle permit (zones 1, 3 and 4 only)£70
Business permit£200
Visitor permits (booklet of fice 1-day vouchers)£5 
1-hour visitor time clockFree with first permit
Replacement for lost/stolen/damaged permit£12.50

Working in residents parking zones

Tradespersons and statutory services needing to visit houses in the residents' parking zones for their work may apply for an exemption permit. For further information and an application form please visit the Tradesperson's permits or Statutory services permits page.

Alternatively, a daily visitor permit purchased by the resident of the property should be displayed in the vehicle.

Moving house

If you move house and are no longer in the same Residents’ Parking Zone you may claim a refund of the period remaining by returning your permit and time clock to Ipswich Parking Services.

An administration fee of £10 will be deducted from the refunded amount.

You may need to park in a restricted area for loading or unloading when moving house. If you are using a removal company they are usually exempt from parking regulations. If you are using your own vehicle or a hire vehicle you may need to apply for a dispensation permit. Occasionally it may be necessary to reserve a parking bay for the removal lorry, in these cases you should apply for a suspension. Please contact us if you require further information.

Blue Badge Holders

Blue Badge holders may park in Residents Permit Bays for an unrestricted amount of time when displaying a valid Blue Badge.  Blue Badge holders are welcome to purchase a Residents Permit if required.  The fee is still applicable. If you think you have previously been overcharged for a permit please write to us with full details.