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A personal licence authorises an individual to sell alcohol by retail, supply or authorise the supply of alcohol. The licence is ‘portable’ and will allow the licence holder to work in any premises in England or Wales holding a valid premises licence which permits the supply of alcohol.

The licence consists of a durable credit card style permit stating your name, address, licence details and photograph and a counterpart document stating your name, address, licence details and any relevant or foreign unspent convictions.

If you change your name or address you must inform the licensing authority. You must return your licence and pay a fee of £10.50. The licensing authority will issue an amended licence.

If you are charged with a relevant offence you must inform the court immediately that you are a personal licence holder. If you are subsequently convicted you will have to inform the licensing authority and return your licence so that the offence can be endorsed on it. A sheet detailing the relevant offences is included in this information pack.

Who can apply

You must be aged 18 years or over, and (in almost all cases) hold a licensing qualification - for example, a BII Level II examination certificate or a similar accredited qualification such as the EDI NCPLH level 2 qualification. The aim of the qualification is to ensure that licence holders are aware of licensing law and the wider social responsibilities involved in the sale of alcohol. Personal licence qualification providers are accredited by the Home Secretary.

An application for a personal licence costs £37 and will last indefinitely* unless surrendered, forfeited, suspended, or revoked. 

You can apply online here: Ipswich Borough Council - Licensing where you will first need to register to use the online system if you are not already registered.

*Licences previously lasted for 10 years. In April 2015 the law was changed and licences now last indefinitely. If you already hold a licence issued by us it may have an expiry date shown on it. You can ignore the expiry date and continue to use your licence and badge. In the event that your licence needs to be reissued, e.g. you change address or the licence is lost, we will issue a new licence which will not show an expiry date.

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