Organising a petition against a planning application

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Objections in the form of petitions are acceptable provided that:

  • each page of the petition is headed with the aim of the petition;
  • the names and address of those signing are provided and are readable;
  • the objection(s)/representation(s) are valid and clearly stated;
  • the name and address of the petition coordinator is included for receipt of acknowledgement and copy of decision (these will not be issued to individual signatories).

Pre-printed circular letters of objection or objection forms will be accepted as valid provided that they are individually signed and dated. The coordinator of such campaigns should make themselves known to the relevant Planning Officer.

Objection letters and petitions are available for the public to view online, therefore objectors should avoid making any statements in writing that they do not wish to be published.

It is up to you to decide whether you wish to organise a petition or not. In some cases, members of the Committee may give greater weight to the views expressed in individually prepared letters, as these are generally a better reflection of personal concerns. However, petitions can often be of value, for example particularly in a community that is not used to expressing its views in writing to the Council.