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Planned maintenance

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Ipswich Borough Council's planned maintenance programme ensures that the outsides of all council houses are well looked after. We aim to repair and paint the outside of our council homes every seven years.

Areas which could see maintenance undertaken include replacement windows and doors, roofing including guttering and chimneys, decorating and refurbishment to relevant brick areas, rain water down pipes and property pathways.

Approximately six weeks before the programme begins, our Clerk of Works Officer will visit your home to decide what repairs are needed. You will be provided with the name of the contractor who will carry out the work before any work begins and we will carry out inspections during the work, and after it has been completed.

2016/17 maintenance programme

Castle Hill, Maidenhall, Triangle, Whitton and town centre (streets listed below in alphabetical order)

Allenby Road
Arnold Close
Blake Road  
Bramford Road
Brecon Close
Broadmere Road
Browning Road
Bunyan Close
Burke Road
Burns Road
Byron Road
Camarthen Close
Cardiff Avenue
Cedarcroft Road
Chaucer Road
Chesterfield Drive
Coleridge Road
Conway Close
Copperfield Road
Defoe Road
Dickens Road
Dombey Road
Elmcroft Road
Flint Close
Garrick Way
Glamorgan Road
Goldsmith Road
Gwent House
Hadleigh Road
Halifax Road
Hazlitt Road
Henniker Road
Highfield Road
Homer Close
Keats Cresent
Kelly Road
Kingsley Close
Kingston Road
Kipling Road
London Road
Macaulay Road
Maidenhall Approach
Maidenhall Green
Montgomery Road
Moore Road
Mumford Road
Norwich Road
Parnell Close
Parnell Road
Pembroke Close
Pickwick Road
Pinecroft Road
Prince of Wales Drive
Ravensfield Road
Sallows Close
Shakespeare Road
Shenstone Road
Shirley Close
Snowdon Road
Spenser Road
Spinner Close
Swansea Avenue
Swinburne Road
Tenby Road
Thackeray Road
Thompson Road
Weaver Close
Whitton Church Lane
Willowcroft Road
Wordsworth Road

Exceptions to the Planned Maintenance Programme

We will not carry out the Planned Maintenance Programme on your council house if you are planning to buy it under the Right to Buy scheme.

If you have decided to buy your home, you must inform your Housing Officer before the work starts, otherwise you will have to repay the cost of the work carried out.

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