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Planning application IP/14/00638/OUTFL: November 2017 update

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An extension of time to determine planning application IP/14/00638/OUTFL has been agreed with the applicants, to 28th February 2018. The following correspondence confirms this.

A full summary of the proposed changes and additional information submitted has been provided by the applicants and is available to view with the application.

View planning application IP/14/00638/OUTFL

April 2017 update:

Additional information to the above application was submitted to Ipswich Borough Council on the 30th March 2017. The additional information is a Further Addendum to the Environmental Statement providing supplementary information on air quality and noise.

Consultation on the documentation has begun. Please submit any comments which you wish to make by the 26th April 2017.

Please note that all previous comments received in relation to this planning application (a full list of letters received can be viewed alongside the application details online) will still be taken into account in the consideration of this application. The comments received to date will be summarised and addressed in a report to planning committee as part of the determination of the planning application. You may of course have additional comments to make in response to the amended material and these can be submitted online or in writing.