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The Council has prepared a number of draft planning briefs for the residential development of sites around Ipswich. These briefs are available to download below:

Planning briefs - consultation documents

There are no documents currently out to consultation.

Comments received on consultation documents are reported back to Committee and a final version is then prepared, which would reflect the Council's preference as to how the site should be developed.

Any intending developers would then have some certainty that planning permission would be granted for applications which follow the principles set out in the briefs. However, the briefs would not prevent developers submitting applications for development of a different form or content. These applications would have to considered by the Council on their own merits.

The briefs would not have formal status as a Supplementary Planning Document.

Planning briefs - adopted guidance

These sites are considered suitable for residential development and would help to meet the housing needs of the Borough. They are also compliant with the emerging Local Plan and national and local planning policies.

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