Planning application fees and pre-application charging

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If applicants use the Ipswich Borough Council pre-application advice service, the Council will undertake certain internal and external consultations and report responses received to the applicant. Consultations exclude the Environment Agency, as it is a charged service, but include Suffolk County Council as Lead Local Flood Authority. Therefore, applicants would still need to seek advice directly from the Environment Agency. The Council aims to provide a written response within six weeks.

Planning applications

Regulations to introduce a 20% increase in planning application fees were made on 20 December 2017. This enabled local planning authorities to apply the fee increase from 17 January 2018. Ipswich Borough Council has now implemented this increase.

These Regulations also introduced:

  • A new fee of £402 per 0.1 hectare for Permission in Principle applications
  • The ability for authorities to charge for applications for planning permission following the removal of permitted development rights through Article 4 directions or by condition
  • A fee of £96 for prior approval applications to permitted development rights that were introduced in April 2015 and April 2017
  • The option for Mayoral and Urban Development Corporations to charge for providing a pre-application service. 

Pre-application advice

Pre-application fees also apply to prospective applicants/agents seeking informal pre-application planning advice.

The service level agreement states:

  1. Intending applicant/agents will be required to pay for pre-application advice. This will not apply to Planning Officers giving informal verbal advice on householder development.
  2. The fee for pre-application advice on householder applications is £60.00 plus VAT at the current rate.
  3. The fee for all other application types is 10% of the formal planning application fee, plus VAT at the current rate.
  4. The fee is payable on first contact with Planning Officers. An accompanying letter requesting the informal opinion will be expected. Without the correct fee, the request will not be accepted.
  5. Planning Officers will carry out all necessary consultations, internal and external, and report all those received within 21 days to the applicant.
  6. Planning Officers shall convene any meetings deemed necessary by them.
  7. Planning Officers shall issue a written response to the informal inquiry within six weeks, including a summary of the consultee responses, the planning issues, and the likelihood of permission being granted.