Pre-Paid All Day Tickets

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Are you a hybrid or part time worker?  If you are only visiting the office once or twice a week, you can still save money when parking by purchasing a bundle of Pre-Paid All Day Tickets.

A bundle of Pre-Paid All Day Tickets consists of 20 x 1 day stays.  The stays will be stored in an online MiPermit account and when you need to park your vehicle simply log into your account and assign a stay.

There is no need to use the ticket machine and no need to display anything in your vehicle.  You do not need to assign all 20 stays to one vehicle.  When you want to park, just enter the vehicle registration mark when you book your stay. 

You can park in any of the following Ipswich Borough Council car parks with a Pre Paid All Day Ticket without the need to tell us which car park you are in:

A bundle of 20 Pre-Paid All Day Tickets costs £117.80, saving you 31p a stay.

Purchase Pre-Paid All Day Ticket