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Applications for a Premises Licence, Club Premises Certificate or Variations are subject to the fees shown in the table below.

All fees are based on the (business) rateable value for the premises.  If you are unsure of the rateable value please visit the government’s Valuation Office website.

You will receive an invoice each year for the annual fee which can be paid online.

Rateable Value

£0* - £4300

£4301 - £33000

£33001 - £87000

£87001 - £125000

£125001 and over







Initial Fee






Annual Fee






 * Premises which are not liable for or exempt from National Non-Domestic Rates will fall under Band A

** Where a premises falls under Band D or E and is used exclusively or primarily for the supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises, the fees will be as follows:

Band              Initial Fee          Annula Fee          
Band D£900£640
Band E£1905£105

Where the maximum number of persons allowed on the premises at  the same time (during times that licensable activities take place) is 5000 or more an additional fee applies:

Number of People          Additional Fee          
5000 - 9999£1000
10000 - 14999£2000
15000 - 19999£4000
20000 - 29999£8000
30000 - 39999£16000
40000 - 49999£24000
50000 - 59999£32000
60000 - 69999£40000
70000 - 79999£48000
80000 - 89999£56000
90000 and over£64000

Exemptions - No initial fee or annual renewal fee is payable for the following:

  • The application is by a proprietor of an educational institution in respect of premises that are or form part of an educational establishment

    • The establishment is a school or college

  • The provision of regulated entertainment on the premises is carried on by the establishment for and on behalf of the establishment

  • The application is in respect of premises that are or form part of a church hall, chapel hall or similar building or a village hall, parish hall or other similar building

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