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CLOSED: Ipswich Town Centre & Waterfront Public Realm Strategy SPD Consultation

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Please note: This consultation is now closed

The Ipswich Town Centre and Waterfront Public Realm Strategy SPD is a document which will provide design guidance for the renewal of Ipswich town centre’s public spaces, including streets, squares, the quays around the waterfront and the small number of green spaces within the central area, mostly churchyards (the study does not include the main urban parks, such as Christchurch or Holywells).

The aim is to achieve attractive, safe and accessible streets and spaces. This will be achieved through two types of guidance:

  • Design guidance for the specification of paving materials, street lighting, street furniture and other public realm elements - this is not site specific and will apply across the town centre
  • Design recommendations for identified projects, in key and supporting locations within the town centre, and also for a range of identified street types, from high streets to footpaths

In addition, the document will provide guidance on the maintenance and management of the public realm.

It is expected that masterplanning, grant applications, planning applications and public realm schemes will be able to use the SPD as guidance in developing more detailed specifications, and that it will provide consistency and vision in support of all future strategic planning for the town centre’s public realm.

Public Consultation

The Council undertook a public consultation from Wednesday 16th January  for six weeks until Wednesday 27th February 2019.