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CLOSED: Ipswich Urban Characterisation Studies Consultation

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Please note: This consultation is now closed

In planning for growth in Ipswich, it is important to deliver high quality change which safeguards the best of the town’s character and secures positive improvements to the townscape. The Ipswich Urban Characterisation Studies were commenced in order to provide urban character analysis and guidance to areas outside of the town’s core which do not benefit from design guidance such as Conservation Area appraisals.

To this aim, the borough was divided into eight ‘urban character areas’, to explore areas where local distinctiveness could be identified to highlight the special interest of these areas and help inform new development. Studies have already been written and adopted for five of the eight urban character areas, and can be viewed on the Council’s website www.ipswich.gov.uk/content/urban-character-supplementary-planning-document.  

The adopted SPDs enable valued characteristics to be taken into account when changes affecting an area are proposed by way of a planning application and ensure that development and change reinforces local distinctiveness, as required by the National Planning Policy Framework and the adopted Core Strategy, and that it contributes to good design.  The remaining three Urban Characterisation Studies for North East, South East and Castle Hill/Whitehouse/Whitton have been drafted to complete the suite of Urban Characterisation documents, which are the subject of this consultation.

Public Consultation

The Council undertook a public consultation from Wednesday 16th January for six weeks until Wednesday 27th February 2019.