Public Spaces Protection Order

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Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) were created by the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to address anti-social behaviour (ASB) in local areas.

The Orders empower local authorities to address nuisances or problems that are detrimental to the local community’s quality of life by imposing conditions on the use of an area that apply to everyone, whether resident or visitor

The broad aim is to keep public spaces welcoming to law abiding people and communities and safe from ASB.

Restrictions or requirements can be targeted at specific people, designed to apply at certain times or only apply in certain circumstances.

Approved Orders

Dog Control and Dog Fouling Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)

The Dog Control and Dog Fouling PSPO was agreed at Full Council on Wednesday 26th January 2022 following an extensive public consultation.

The Dog Control and Dog Fouling PSPO is in place for up to three years until January 2025.

The Order covers six different restrictions or requirements:

a. Dogs on leads by request

A person in charge of a dog within certain identified areas must if requested by a Authorised Officer, put the dog on a lead (see Schedule 1 below)

b. Dogs on leads at all times

A person in charge of a dog within certain identified areas must at all times keep the dog on a lead (see Schedule 2 below)

c. Exclusion of dogs

A person in charge of a dog shall not take the dog into certain identified areas (see Schedule 3 below)

d. Restriction on number of dogs

Across the Borough of Ipswich, a person must not take more than four dogs at the same time (see Map 1, Schedule 4 below)

e. Keep control of dogs and not cause damage

Across the Borough of Ipswich , a person in charge of a dog must keep the dog under proper control and not cause or permit the dog to cause annoyance to any other person or animal; or cause damage to any Council Property (see Map 1, Schedule 4 below)

f. Dog fouling

Across the Borough of Ipswich, a person in charge of a dog which defecates at any time must, at the time, remove the faeces from the land straight away (see Map 1, Schedule 4 below)

Dogs on leads by request in the following areas:

Alderman Road Recreation Ground

Alder Carr meadow

Alexandra Park

Allenby Road Open Space

Ashground Plantation

Aster Road Open Space

Belstead Road tree belt

Birkfield Drive amenity and natural area

Bourne Park

Bourne Reedbed

Bramford Lane Housing Open Space

Bramford Lane Open Space

Bramford Lane Recreation Ground

Braziers Wood Road corridor

Braziers Road Meadow

Bridge Wood Foreshore, Estuary

Broomhill Park North

Broomhill Park South

Brunswick Recreation Ground

Cambridge Drive

Castle Hilll Recreation Ground

Chantry Green

Chantry Park

Cherry Lane Recreation Ground

Chesterton Close OS

Christchurch Park

Crown Pools Grass Area

Dumbarton Road Recreation Ground

Ellenbrook OS & Playing Field

Europa Way

Finbars Walk Natural Semi-Natural

Foxglove Crescent Amenity Area

Gainsborough Sports and Community Centre

Gippeswyk Park

H G Clarke Gardens

Haven Gardens

Holywells Park

Inverness Road Open Space

Kiln Meadow

Land adjacent to The Grove

Landseer Park

London Road Tree Belt

Maidenhall Green

Martinet Green Open Space

Maryon Road Wildlife Corridor

Mitre Way Amenity Area

Moffat Avenue Amenity Area

Murray Road Park

Nacton Road Wildlife Corridor

Netley Close Open Space & Tree Belt

Norwich Road Gardens

Pembroke Close

Pipers Vale Foreshore, Estuary

Pond Hall (OCP)

Pond Hall Foreshore, Estuary

Ranelagh Road amenity area

Ransomes Sports Ground

Ravenswood Village Green

Ravenswood Open Spaces

Redhouse Park

Riverside Road Meadow

Robin Drive Recreation Ground

Sherrington Road Recreation Ground

Sproughton Road Pond (Wildlife site)

Stoke Park Wood

Stonelodge Park

St. Augustines Green

The Dales Open Space

Tuddenham Road tree belt

Wallers Grove

Westwood Avenue open space

Whitehouse Park

Whitton Church Lane Recreation Ground

Whitton Recreation Ground

Whitland Close Open Space

Whitton Sports and Community Centre

Yarmouth Rd Amenity Area

Anglian Water Jetty

A14 Drainage ditch

Dogs on leads at all times when entering the following areas:

Cemetery Lane Cemeteries

Chantry Park Walled Gardens

Christchurch Park - Upper Arboretum

Christchurch Park - Lower Arboretum

Christchurch Park - Bird Reserve

Holywells Park - Walled Garden

Holywells Park - Sensory Maze

Holywells Park - Orchard

Millennium Cemetery

Orwell Country Park - Braziers Wood

Orwell Country Park - Elm Hill (OCP)

Orwell Country Park - Pipers Vale (OCP)

Bixley Health SSSI

Braziers Meadow (outside of fenced area)

Exclusion of dogs in the following areas: 

Alderman Road Play Area and MUGA

Alexandra Play Area and Toilets

Alvis Walk Play Area

Bentley Road Play Area

Billberry Road Play Area

Bourne Park Play Areas, Staff Compound, Toilets, Paddling Pool

Bramford Lane Open Space Play Area

Bramford Lane Recreation Ground Play Area

Braziers Meadow (within meadow fenced area)

Breydon Way Play Area

Broadmere Road Recreation Ground

Bruff Road A LAP 2

Bruff Road B LEAP

Bruff Road C LAP 1

Brunswick Recreation Ground Play Area

Bull Road (Foxgrove Gardens B)

Bull Road (Foxgrove Gardens D)

Castle Hill Recreation Ground Play Area

Celestion Way (Foxgrove Gardens)

Chantry Park Play Areas, Toilets, Ponds, Staff Compounds

Cherry Lane Gardens Play Area

Cherry Lane Recreation Ground Play Area

Chesterton Close Play Areas

Childers Court Play Area (off Sandy Hill Lane)

Cranborne Chase Play Area

Christchurch Park Play area, Tennis Courts, Exercise Area, Ponds and Compounds

Christchurch Park Reg Driver Visitor Centre

Compare Crescent

Deben Road Play Area

Dhobi Place Play Area

Downing Close Play Area

Dumbarton Road Recreation Ground Play Area, Toilets

Elderberry Road Play Area

Ellenbrook OS Play Area and Skate Park

Emperor Circle Play Area

Fenbight Circle Play Areas

Finbars walk Play Area

Fulham Way Play Area

Gainsborough SC/Maryon Rd Play Area

Gippeswyk Park Play Areas, Toilets, MUGAs, Staff Compound

Girton Way Play Area

Halifax Road Play Area

Havergate Road Play Area

Hawke Road Play Area

Heatherhayes Play Area

Holywells Park Play Area, Toilets, Staff Compounds, Visitor Centre, Ponds

Howard Street Play Area

Kettlebaston Way Play Area

Lagonda Drive Play Area

Lambeth Close Play Area

Landseer Park Play Area, BMX track, ponds

Loganberry Road Play Area

Maple Park Play Area

Margate Road Play Area

Maude Street Play Area

Monmouth Close Play Area

Morgan Drive Play Area

Mullberry Road Play Area

Murray Road Park Play Areas, MUGAs, Wildlife Areas, Toilets

Newbury Road Recreation Ground

Orwell Road (Foxgrove Gdns C) Play Area

Pipers Vale Close Play Area

Provan Court (Foxgrove Gdns E) Play Area

Rapier Street Play Area

Ravenswood Village Green Play Areas

Riverside Road Play Area

Sallows Close Play Area

Salmet Close Play Area

Saturn Road Play Area

Shaftsbury Square Play Area

Sherrington Road Recreation Ground Play Area

Shetland Close Play Area

Silk Street Play Area

Sinclair Drive Play Area

Stoke Bridge Skate Park

Stonelodge Park Play Area, Compound and Pond

St. Augustines Green Play Areas and Exercise Area

Talmash Gardens Play Area

Tanners View Play Area

The Albany Tree Belt

The Dales Open Space Play Area and Ponds

Tower Mill Road -Play Area A

Tower Mill Road Play Area B

Webb Street Play Area

Whitehouse Park Play Area, Skate Park and Toilets

Whitton Recreation Ground Play Area

Yeoman Close Play Area

Applies to the following restrictions or requirements:

Restriction on number of dogs

Keep control of dogs and not cause damage

Dog fouling

Map 1, Schedule 4