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Pupils’ art exhibition at TIC

Published9th April 2018

Pupils from Ipswich’s Westbridge Academy are having their work exhibited in the town’s Tourist Information Centre (TIC).

The exhibition, Portraits from Westbridge Academy: Exploring Identity through Portraiture, runs from 17th to 28th April.

Art teacher Nicola Axford explained: “While studying at Westbridge, students have the opportunity to explore identity through a portraiture project. Photography is used to capture a suitable image that expresses the way students see themselves. These are then worked up into large-scale paintings that use spray paint in the background to communicate mood and atmosphere, and acrylic paint to practice detail and character on the figures.”

Nicola added: “Students gain a lot from developing these techniques to produce their successful final pieces displayed here.”

The TIC is open Mondays to Saturdays, 9am to 5pm. Entry to the exhibition is free.

For further information:

Steven Allman, Visitor Experience Manager, Ipswich Borough Council, tel: 01473 432230