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How to report a parking problem

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Parking on pavements and verges

Parking on a footway is only illegal if:

  • it causes an obstruction - please call the police non-emergency number 101.
  • a local by-law is in force prohibiting it
  • there are waiting restrictions on the road (yellow lines) - please report this straight away by calling us on 01473 432840 and selecting option 1.

Signs and road markings

To report any of the following issues visit the Suffolk County Council website  and choose the 'Report' option.

  • Damaged or missing parking or waiting restrictions signs
  • Faded or missing road markings
  • Request the removal or introduction of parking or waiting restrictions.

Abandoned vehicles

Before contacting us please read the information below.

Is a vehicle abandoned?

A vehicle is likely to be abandoned on a road or open land if at least one of the following criteria apply:

  • Vehicle is untaxed
  • Vehicle is stationary for a significant period of time
  • Vehicle is damaged or vandalised
  • Vehicle is burned out
  • Vehicle has number plates missing

Please note: It is the registered keepers responsibility to keep untaxed/SORN/accident damaged vehicles off the public highway.

Untaxed Vehicles

Since October 2014 all tax discs are electronic, the DVLA no longer issue paper tax disc. If you suspect that an abandoned vehicle in your area may be untaxed, please enter the details at GOV.UK-Check to check if a vehicle is taxed before reporting it.

You can report an abandoned vehicle using the pink button below:

Report it now

Enforcement of dropped kerbs

Officers will not enforce dropped kerbs outside residential or business premises unless specifically requested to do so by the owner or occupier of the premises.

Requests for such enforcement should be made to the Parking Services team using the contact details provided.