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The Rubbish Diet and 60:40 waste reduction plan

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Ipswich residents are now doing a great job recycling 41% of their household waste and the aim in Suffolk is to recycle 60%.

Reducing black bin (landfill) waste to 40% will achieve this. In 2012/13 each household in Ipswich, on average, sent around half a tonne of waste to landfill via their black bins.

Ipswich Borough Council is offering you the opportunity to swap your existing large black bin for a new slimline bin. This slimmer bin will take up less storage space and be easier to manoeuvre when placing out for collection.

Why not trial the slimmer bin for a period of three months and see how it helps you to reduce your waste? During the trial you will have the support of the Council's Waste & Recycling team. We will be happy to help you with advice on how to reduce your waste and recycle more. You may even wish to upsize your current blue recycling bin to a larger blue bin, so you have more space to recycle more!

Please get in touch for more information.

Start a Rubbish Diet

In addition to having a smaller black bin why not take part in the Rubbish Diet campaign?

The Rubbish Diet campaign presents a goal to reduce your landfill waste by giving you a week-by-week programme to follow, which helps you to achieve results that will deliver permanent change. The result will be a smarter you and a slimmer black bin.

And like all other diets, you can set your own targets, whether you wish to reduce your waste by 10%, 50% or even go for zero waste. The Rubbish Diet will help you sort out your rubbish once and for all!

For further information please visit The Rubbish Diet website.

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