Section 106 Agreements

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Section 106

Planning policy requires that development should make appropriate provision for services, facilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of the development. This means that where sufficient capacity does not already exist to meet the need created by new occupiers or users, the development should contribute what is necessary, either on site or through a financial contribution. This will be done through the planning decision making process, when planning permissions are granted.

It is critical that Ipswich receives the infrastructure it needs to support the delivery of both housing and jobs growth, and to ensure that existing communities can be sustained. Growth should bring benefits to, and not adversely affect the quality of life of, existing communities.

At present, developer contributions towards infrastructure provision come through Planning Obligations (S106 Agreements / Unilateral Undertakings) which cover on-and off-site requirements including affordable housing, open space provision, transport measures, education provision, and Habitats Regulations Assessment mitigation. S106 Agreements and Unilateral Undertakings in the form of legal agreements between the landowner and the respective authority be that Ipswich Borough Council or Suffolk County Council are formally signed when planning permission is granted. The legal agreement requires that the relevant infrastructure is delivered or that financial contributions are paid to provide the infrastructure.

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