Steam cleaning and graffiti removal

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Ipswich Borough Council has a dedicated graffiti team whose mission is to remove graffiti as quickly as possible.

This service is available to anyone, although there may be a charge depending on individual circumstances.

The team undertakes work such as:

  • Graffiti removal and anti-graffiti coatings;
  • High pressure washing of paths and block paving;
  • Chewing gum removal;
  • Mobile jetting of drains and gullies.

How it works

Before any work can take place the Graffiti Squad will make contact with the property owner. We will then decide what course of action is needed and whether there would be a charge or not.

This assessment is free of charge to homeowners in Ipswich. If you rent the property, or it is a commercial premises, there is likely to be a charge for the assessment, which is payable by the landlord.

Any sexist, racist and offensive graffiti on Ipswich Borough Council maintained public properties or in public open areas maintained by the council will be removed, free of charge within 24 working hours following a report and agreement by the council.

Report graffiti

Use our simple online form to report a problem with graffiti in the borough of Ipswich.

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Before any work can begin, the property owner must sign a standard disclaimer which allows us to work on the property. If pedestrians or traffic frequently use the area, the work will be undertaken at a time agreed with the property owner to keep disruption to a minimum. All jobs are subject to weather conditions.

Keeping your property clear of graffiti

We cannot prevent your property being targeted again but we can help to make it easier to remove the graffiti next time. We can apply a sacrificial or permanent anti-graffiti coating to your building which prevents graffiti permeating brick, stone, mortar or metal, allowing for simple, quick and more cost effective removal next time.

If you would like more information or you would like to arrange a no cost, no obligation survey, please get in touch.

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