Strategic documents

SCD01Suffolk Growth Strategy2014Suffolk local authorities
SCD02New Anglia Strategic Economic Plan2014New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership
SCD03New Anglia Growth Deal2014New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership
SCD04Towards a Growth Plan2013New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership
SCD05Greater Ipswich City Deal Ipswich Borough Council, Suffolk County Council, Babergh District Council, Mid Suffolk District Council, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Suffolk County Council, New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership
SCD06East Inshore and Offshore Marine Plans2014Marine Management Organisation
SCD07Transforming Suffolk: Suffolk Community Strategy 2008 - 20282008Suffolk Strategic Partnership
SCD08Suffolk Biodiversity Action Plan2012Suffolk Biodiversity Partnership
SCD09Archaeological Historic Environment Record (online only)Suffolk County Council
SCD10Haven Gateway Ipswich A14 Corridor Study2007Atkins
SCD11Haven Gateway Employment Land Review and Strategic Sites Study2009GVA Grimley
SCD12Ipswich Housing Market Area Strategic Housing Market Assessment2012Babergh, Mid Suffolk and Suffolk Coastal District Councils
SCD13Ipswich Strategic Housing Market Assessment and Key Findings Report2008Fordham Research
SCD14Suffolk Local Transport Plan 3 2011 - 20312011Suffolk County Council
SCD15Suffolk Guidance for Parking (Second Edition) and Update Briefing2015Suffolk County Council
SCD16Air Quality Management and New Development Supplementary Guidance2011Suffolk County Council
SCD17Section 106 Developers Guide to Infrastructure Contributions in Suffolk2013Suffolk County Council
SCD18Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment2013Opinion Research Services
SCD19Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan 2013 – 18Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB Partnership
SCD20Suffolk Climate Change Action Plan 22012Suffolk Climate Change Partnership
SCD21Your Care Strategic Plan 2009 – 20142009NHS Suffolk
SCD22Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Suffolk2013Suffolk Health and Wellbeing Board
SCD23Suffolk Nature Strategy2014Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, RSPB and the National Trust
SCD24Suffolk Cycling Strategy2013Suffolk County Council
SCD25Haven Gateway Water Cycle Study Stage 22009Haven Gateway Partnership
SCD26Anglian Water: Water Resources Management Plan 20152014Anglian Water
SCD27Green Infrastructure Strategy for the Haven Gateway (including appendices)2008The Landscape Partnership
SCD28Sustainable Settlements (not available online)1995University of West of England and The Local Government Management Board
SCD29Inclusive Mobility2005Department for Transport
SCD30Babergh Core Strategy and Policies Document2014Babergh District Council
SCD31Mid Suffolk Core Strategy2008Mid Suffolk District Council
SCD32Mid Suffolk Core Strategy Focused Review2012Mid Suffolk District Council
SCD33Suffolk Coastal Core Strategy and Development Management Policies2013Suffolk Coastal District Council
SCD34Suffolk Minerals Core Strategy2008Suffolk County Council
SCD35Suffolk Waste Core Strategy2011Suffolk County Council
SCD36Wild Anglia Manifesto - part 1
Wild Anglia Manifesto - part 2
Wild Anglia

Update of the Haven Gateway Green Infrastructure Strategy for the Ipswich Policy Area

2015Babergh District Council, Ipswich Borough Council, Mid Suffolk District Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council
SCD38A Devolved Suffolk: Working for a Better FutureSept 2015Various Suffolk public sector bodies
SCD39Gypsy and Travellers Short Stay Stopping Sites: Call for Sites consultation bookletSept 2015Suffolk local authorities
SCD40Travel to Work Census Analysis (see PSCD09)2015WSP
SCD41Suffolk Coastal Local Development SchemeOct 2015Suffolk Coastal District Council
SCD42Ipswich Policy Area Board meeting notes and terms of reference

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