Success for Ipswich Borough Council at this year’s Ipswich Society Awards

Published29th November 2021

Two Awards of Commendations were won by the Council at the Ipswich Society Annual Awards and that were presented by the President of the Ipswich Society, the Mayor of Ipswich, Cllr Elizabeth Hughes in front of an audience of nearly 200 on 24 November 2021.

One Commendation was awarded for the new housing on the  Old Tooks Bakery site and the other for microhomes in Armitage Place. 

As the Ipswich Society said about the Old Tooks bakery site:

“These varied and brilliant designs, daring and thrilling realisations serve to enhance the environment, the streets and ambience of our town.

“The incorporation of the solar PVs on all roofs is a timely masterstroke which should prompt others to follow.

“The Borough Council and Handford Homes should be rightly proud.”

Cllr Neil MacDonald, Ipswich Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Housing, says:

“When we build council houses in Ipswich, we do it well and to the delight of those moving into this superior accommodation. So I’m very pleased that we won two Awards of Commendation at this year’s Ipswich Society awards.

“We won for the development of the Old Tooks Bakery site, were 60 homes were delivered this year, including 41 new council properties, and all built by Council-owned, Hanford Homes. We also won for the development this year of eight microhomes for the formerly homeless in Armitage Place, Whitton. Well done to all working for the council, at Handford Homes and elsewhere, and who delivered these great homes.”


Photo– Old Tooks Bakery estate (credit: Ipswich Society)