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These are just a few members of staff who started their careers with Ipswich Borough Council as apprentices. Look where they are now!

Scarlett | Customer Experience 

"In August 2017, I began my apprenticeship in Customer Experience at Ipswich Town Hall & Corn Exchange. Previous to this I had worked both backstage and front of house for a local theatre company, worked as a personal shopper in a supermarket, volunteered in a local school and I had acted in a few local stage and film productions. After leaving sixth form, I decided that university was not an option I wished to take. I have always thrived off my ability to learn on the job and while I loved my time in education, I felt that I would be able to achieve more through employment.

My determination to complete work to the highest standard was a driving force in my previous employment however I missed being able to progress and learn more skills. When I saw that Ipswich Borough Council were advertising for an apprentice in Customer Experience I knew that this would be a great opportunity for me.

My apprenticeship at Ipswich Town Hall and Corn Exchange consisted of being trained in booking shows and events for the venue, providing excellent customer services to all visitors and customers, learning the history of the building and all its rooms, acting as a receptionist on the Town Hall main entrance, answering any questions or queries that may come my way and becoming first aid trained. The apprenticeship lasted a year and enabled me to grow more confident in my ability to communicate with others and to develop a stronger understanding of what it means to work in a customer-facing environment.

Being an apprentice has given me the opportunity to continue in my work with Ipswich Borough Council and has given me the skills I require to progress in my chosen field. It has opened up so many opportunities for me and I honestly could not recommend this path enough. It’s very rare to be able to say that each and every day I am just as excited and passionate to go to work as I was the first day I joined but I can say with utmost confidence that’s exactly how I feel."

Conor | Assistant Revenues Officer

"Since I started as a Revenues and Benefits apprentice at IBC in 2017 I have been encouraged to learn and grow and when jobs started coming up that my skills would be suitable for I was also encouraged to go for these. I think this support was pivotal in me having the confidence to apply for the full time assistant revenues officer job role when it became available.

Thanks to the support and training I received while I was an apprentice I went into the interview confident and got the job. IBC were really great throughout the process and gave me the choice of completing my apprenticeship even though I now had a full time job. I chose to continue my apprenticeship as I had put lots of hard into it and wanted to receive my qualification at the end.

I think my apprenticeship really helped me gain the confidence I needed in myself and I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who wants to gain technical experience while doing a job, as well as furthering their academic learning."

Paul | Assistant Revenues Officer 

"When I started here at IBC as an apprentice in September 2017, coming in for my first day, I didn’t know what to expect at all. I knew my job title was, “Revenues Apprentice”, which sounded like it had something to do with finance so it interested me but the term ‘revenues’ seemed so vague I didn’t really have a clue what I was going to be doing.

The main thing that made it really easy to settle in quickly here was how welcoming everyone was of me. Everyone was super friendly and always saying hello every morning etc. it is just such a nice atmosphere to work in.

The training is thorough here, there is a mixture of training, some done in front of a PowerPoint with someone talking and explaining stuff to you and also on-the-job training, which is doing the job and learning as you go along (usually with a mentor). It helped a lot for me that I actually knew my mentor previously before I started working at IBC, through a running club we used to attend together, so it felt more relaxed training with him.

On my apprenticeship I have worked across both an assistant’s role and an officer’s role, gaining lots of invaluable experience and knowledge that will no doubt assist me in the future in building my career.

I am currently doing a Level 3 BTEC in Business Administration as part of my apprenticeship, which IBC have allowed me to continue and finish despite taking on a permanent role. I enjoy the work I do towards this qualification because a lot of it is very similar to what I learnt in my A-Levels so is interesting to me and still fresh in my mind.

Thanks to all I have learnt on my apprenticeship, after 16 months I have been able to secure myself a full-time permanent role in the Revenues department in plenty of time before my Apprenticeship was due to end."

Jack | Gardener

"I began volunteering in Christchurch Park, helping with gardening tasks such as weeding, pruning and using a leaf blower to keep the play areas tidy. When an apprentice Gardener role became available, I applied and used my volunteering experience to demonstrate the skills I had. 

I am now a qualified Gardener at IBC and succeeded in gaining a Technician contract within the Parks team."

Holly | ICT Service Desk Support Officer

"I started out as an apprentice in the ICT Service Desk Team, which I discovered through the IBC website and felt would really suit me.

I wasn’t keen on going to university and liked the idea of being able to learn and earn at the same time.

I am now a qualified member of the ICT service desk team and my apprenticeship has allowed me to gain nationally recognised qualifications, including BTEC Level 3 in ICT Systems and Principles and a Level 3 Diploma in Professional Competence in IT and Telecoms.

My apprenticeship has helped me to learn about life in the work place and gain important and useful skills which I can continue to develop every day. I am grateful for the opportunity that Ipswich Borough Council has given me and enjoy working in my new role."

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