Superb new inclusive playground coming to Landseer Park, Ipswich

Published10th January 2022

The new Landseer Park Inclusive Play Area in the park on Landseer Road will be a superb new universal playground from Ipswich Borough Council. The play area will have some great facilities for children with disabilities and inclusivity will be at the heart of its design.

The Play Area will open in Spring and the current play area will close soon to enable us to start work on the replacement.

The facilities at the park will be great for all children and will especially be useful for children with disabilities and who will gain a good understanding of their abilities and strengths as well as develop a positive self-image.    

The first-class play equipment here will include springers, swings, a drawing wall and a great sensory dome that will be useable at ground level and will have tactile and sensory stimulators.

Cllr Phil Smart, Portfolio Holder for at Ipswich Borough Council says,

“I’m excited as the children will be to see this excellent new play area in Landseer Park. But this is not the sort of park that we loved as children; it’s a cutting edge play area that will be beloved by children of all abilities and will especially be the subject of much asking to visit of the parents and carers by children with disabilities.

“I’m proud that Ipswich is providing such great facilities for its children – the sensory play area, the multi see-saw, the inclusive roundabout and much, much more.

Image credit – Kompan