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Sustainability Appraisal of Ipswich Garden Suburb SPD

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The Council commissioned a sustainability appraisal of the Ipswich Garden Suburb Development Brief Supplementary Planning Document from Hyder Consulting (UK) Limited. The sustainability appraisal includes strategic environmental assessment under European Directive 2001/42/EC.

This is not a statutory requirement but was carried out with a view to highlighting the most sustainable options for the SPD in social, economic and environmental terms.

The first stage in sustainability appraisal is to 'scope' relevant plans and programmes that may affect the preparation of the supplementary planning document. Thus a Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report was prepared in September 2012.

An Initial Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal Report, which focused on assessing options, followed in January 2013, with a full Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Report and accompanying Non-Technical Summary produced in November 2013. This was reviewed and an Addendum to the Sustainability Report produced in September 2014.