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Sweet surprise for Wool-I-am

Published8th January 2019

Four year-old Suffolk boy Jack Smith loves Ipswich Museum, particularly its best-known resident, Wool-I-am the mammoth.

Now Jack has held a sweet shop sale outside his school to raise money for Wool-I-am’s annual spring-clean and Museum bosses are delighted.

Jack’s mum, Faye Woollard, said she was very proud of her son, who has brought in big sister Amelia to help in the venture, which saw schoolmates and parents buy all the treats on offer resulting in a staggering £50 profit.

Councillor Carole Jones, Ipswich Borough Council’s museums portfolio-holder, said she was very moved by the generous gesture. “We think James’s idea is a brilliant one and we are thrilled by what he and Amelia are doing. Museums are all about engaging with people and the fact that a new generation loves our mammoth and our High Street museum is really important.”

Councillor Jones went along to the sale to meet James. “It was wonderful to see him and I invited him and Amelia to come along to the Museum for a special visit. We shall be using any money raised to help with the mammoth’s annual spring clean, which will ensure he looks spick and span for all our visitors.”