The Ipswich Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

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Local Planning Authorities have to produce a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) to inform their land use allocations and planning policies . The 2020 Ipswich SFRA comprises a main report and appendices which refer to potential sources of flooding considered likely to affect Ipswich. Ipswich Borough Council's new Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment was published in October 2020. This supersedes the Level 2 SFRA prepared in 2011. The new SFRA can be downloaded below;

Ipswich Strategic Flood Risk Assessment October 2020 (including Appendix B) 

SFRA 2020 Appendices A Mapping, C SWMP Extracts, D Speed of Onset and Duration, and E Guidance on Flood Plans for New Buildings

SFRA 2020 Appendix F Site Sheets

SFRA 2020 Appendix G Breach Modelling

Flood Risk Sequential and Exception Test Statement

The Development and Flood Risk Supplementary Planning Document ('SPD') was updated in July 2022 to reflect the new SFRA.  The Development and Flood Risk SPD 2022 is available to view here.

Please Note the 2011 SFRA is superseded by the above 2020 SFRA.

The SFRA informed the production of the Development and Flood Risk Supplementary Planning Document ('SPD') in 2013 (and updated in 2016) which provided specific guidance to developers including a framework of requirements for "safe" development in the flood plain.  The 2022 Development and Flood Risk SPD (see above) supersedes the earlier Development and Flood Risk versions.

You can download the superseded 2011 SFRA and its appendices in pdf format below:

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