Town Centre Retail Grant Scheme

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Ipswich Borough Council has allocated £25,000 towards a small grant scheme with the aim of supporting the growth of local businesses, improving the local environment and raising the image of the town centre amongst locals and visitors alongside encouraging landlords to bring empty shops back into use.

About the scheme

A grant up to the value of £1000 is available to new and existing small independent businesses to fit out or improve the visual look and appearance of the shop or buy a new piece of equipment that will make the business more efficient. We have set a maximum grant of £1,000 per project in order to assist as many businesses as possible. 

The grant will need to be matched with an equal sum of money (i.e. if the grant is £250 you will need to include £250 of match).

Applicants should be aware that it is unlikely that there will be enough funding for every application received, some applicants may be offered a lower level of grant and some will be unsuccessful.

All applications that meet the criteria will be assessed by a grant panel on a monthly basis, with written decisions issued following these panel meetings.

How to apply

The shop front improvement grant scheme is open to all freehold owners and leaseholders with at least 5 years left on their lease within Ipswich town centre.

Find out more about what the fund can and can't be used for and if you are eligible by reading the Town Centre Grants Guidance Pack.

To apply for the scheme you need to complete and send the application form, along with any relevant paperwork, to or:

Retail Grant Scheme,
Economic Development,
Ipswich Borough Council,
Grafton House,
15-17 Russell Road,

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