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Tradesperson's permits

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Weekly exemption permits

Exemption certificates are available for tradespersons visiting properties in the Residents' Parking Zones 1 - 4 in connection with work.

An administration fee of £12.50 will be charged to process each application.

A notice period of at least four working days is required when making an application. These certificates are valid for one week from the date of issue.

Please contact Parking Services for further information or complete and return the application form.

Daily permits

In addition to weekly exemption permits, we also offer Tradesperson's Permit Scratch Cards. These are sold in booklets of five daily permits at a cost of £25.

To use the daily permit, you simply tear out a daily permit, scratch off the appropriate date, enter the relevant zone and your vehicle registration number, then place in your windscreen. These are valid when parked in a residents parking bay.

To apply for a booklet of Tradesperson's Permit Scratchcards please contact Parking Services or complete and return the application form with the appropriate payment.