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Planning application update

Applications IP/16/00608/OUT and IP/14/00638/OUTFL were presented to the Council's Planning and Development Committee on the 04th April 2018. The Agenda and associated reports can be viewed here.

Ipswich Northern Fringe Master Plan Workshop

As part of a series of informal consultation events, a master plan workshop was held on 21 July 2012 at the Ipswich Sports Club, Henley Road. The purpose of the workshop was to bring different groups together to discuss issues and principles for the development, and to begin to explore ideas about master planning the land at the Northern Fringe.  This report provides a summary account of the workshop and its outputs.

The Community Steering Panel

A Community Steering Panel has been convened, the primary purpose of which is to act as a channel of effective communication between the Northern Fringe Development Steering Group and community representative groups in respect of the preparation of the Ipswich Northern Fringe Supplementary Planning Document. The purpose, membership, and terms of reference of the Community Steering Panel are set out in the download below.

Draft Vision and Core Objectives for Ipswich Northern Fringe

The Council has prepared a document setting out a vision and a range of core objectives for the future planning and development of the land at the Northern Fringe. This document may be subject to review and modification as the preparation of the Northern Fringe Supplementary Planning Document progresses.

Assessment of Retail Requirements

The Council has commissioned retail consultants Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (NLP) to undertake an assessment of the retail provision that will be required to serve a sustainable urban extension at the Northern Fringe.

The report will constitute evidence base and will be a material consideration for the Northern Fringe Supplementary Planning Document.

Community Steering Panel Study Tour

Members of the Community Steering Panel undertook a study tour of Milton Keynes and Cambourne to inform the development of the SPD for the Ipswich Northern Fringe. An illustrated report of the visit can be viewed below.

Preliminary SUDs Master Plan (Draft)

To test the consistency of the emerging illustrative master plan for Ipswich Garden Suburb with sustainable drainage principles, the Council has prepared a preliminary sustainable urban drainage strategy for the whole of the SPD area which can be viewed via the link below.  This is not an approved or adopted document in any sense but it will be used to inform the detailed development of drainage strategies to accompany future planning applications for development at Ipswich Garden Suburb.

Ipswich Garden Suburb Infrastructure Delivery Plan

An Ipswich Garden Suburb Infrastructure Delivery Plan has been produced and was approved by the Council on 22nd February 2017. The work involved three stages and these documents can be viewed here:-

Stage 1 - Cost Review Report

Stage 2 - Viability Assessment

Stage 3  - IGS Infrastructure Delivery Plan