Voluntary purchase, enforced sale and compulsory purchase

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Voluntary purchase

Where contact has been made with an owner of a property that is in a very poor state of repair, we will consider purchasing the property.

A property that has been purchased voluntarily will be sold on to a housing association or developer, with an agreement that the property is brought back into use within an agreed period.

The use of voluntary purchase will only be used where all other enforcement action is deemed unsuitable or not cost effective.

Enforced sale

Once a Statutory Notice has been served, if we are required to spend money in default of an owner and they do not repay these costs, we will consider forcing a sale of the property to recover our costs.

Compulsory purchase

We will consider the compulsory purchase of a property when we are satisfied that the house is in a poor state of repair, is unlikely to be brought back into use by the owner, and a clear public benefit would be achieved by its sale.

Clear public benefits would include:

  • Providing affordable housing;
  • Improving the appearance of the neighbourhood;
  • Reducing anti social behaviour.