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Things to consider:

  • Wasps are mainly known for their nuisance value, and not for spreading disease;
  • If provoked, wasps will sting which can be very painful and cause swelling and discomfort;
  • At the height of the summer, wasps nests can grow to the size of a football and can contain around 5,000 wasps;
  • Wasps never return to dead nests;
  • As the weather cools, the worker wasps will gradually die but a few hundred young queen wasps from each colony will hibernate for the winter. She may then find a loft space or shed suitable for her new nest;
  • In spring, the queen comes out of hibernation and the process begins again. 

Insecticides are available should you wish to treat a wasps nest yourself, but consideration should be taken as there is a high risk of being stung. If you wish to carry out the treatment, it is advisable to do this around dusk when the wasps are not so active. 

If you do not wish to treat a nest yourself, please contact us and we will arrange a visit.

Charges (including VAT)

  • Domestic or Commercial call-out charge: £26*
  • Domestic treatment charge: £82
  • Concession treatment charge: £21**
  • Commercial treatment charge: £155

*The call-out charge will be deducted from the cost of any subsequent treatment carried out at the property

**Concession charge applies if you are on a means tested benefit such as Pension Credit, Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance (Income based), Employment Support Allowance (Income related) or Universal Credit AND Council Tax reduction

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