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"Having an apprentice brings young life to our service area and Louis’s can-do approach and attitude is a breath of fresh air in the office. It is great  to have a young person’s perspective on how we should be delivering services and Louis keeps us in touch with how young people want to interact with companies and local authorities, such as us."  Hannah, Performance Improvement Officer

Watch our video to see what Louis had to say about his Customer Service Apprenticeship.

"What I have found refreshing from working with my apprentice Holly is her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new skills.

"From the business point of view I have found that employing an apprentice enables us to train and mould their learning to complement our skills and way of working, and the training that the apprentice receives from the training provider further hones their skills.

"I think that the benefit of an apprenticeship is how it enables young people to gain work place skills and behaviour, hands-on experience and a qualification. What’s not to like!"  Debbie,  ICT Service Desk Team Leader

"Livvy joined us in June 2013 and we launched the Recreate Project shortly afterwards. Livvy was tasked with administrating the project and has really taken ownership of it. She has been an asset to our service area and her customer service skills are exemplary."  James, Arts and Entertainment Manager

(Livvy secured an Events Assistant role towards the end of her apprenticeship and is currently organising the Ipswich Borough Council summer events programme).

"The apprentices we have contribute enormously to our service. We were initially concerned that they might take a lot of investment and time to bring them up to a suitable level, however this has proved not to be the case. In both instances their aptitude and keenness to learn has meant that they were very quickly able to add to the productivity of the team."  Howard, Operational Manager

"Both of our apprentices have been outstanding and as a result we have been able to develop work, extend project scope in places and have extra resources available to support the delivery of work in a diverse service area.

"Lauren has been in post as Community Safety Apprentice since the end of August 2013 and has delivered safety messages to groups of year 6 pupils at Crucial Crew, obtained sponsorship from local business to support the Fresh Pack project, carried out various pieces of research and assisted in the planning of a variety of projects. Having an apprentice of such a high standard has provided a huge amount of support to the delivery of projects and initiatives within Community Safety.

"25 years ago I was an apprentice myself. Ipswich Borough Council has given me a career and real life experience. I have worked with a number of apprentices, many of whom are now carving careers within the authority, while others have used it as an important stepping stone to further education. Whatever they have chosen to do, the experience an apprenticeship gives you is priceless."  James, Community Protection Manager

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