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What services are available?

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There are two service options available:

Option 1 - Monitoring Only

You will need to provide us with details of preferably three local nominated contacts who would be prepared to attend if we needed to call them in an emergency, following your alarm activation. Your nominated contacts will need access to your property, either by holding a key or we can supply a Key Safe Box for a small additional charge.

If we receive an emergency alarm call from you, one of your nominated contacts will be notified immediately to attend. If we are unable to contact one of your nominated contacts we will call the emergency services.

The HEARS responders do not respond to the Monitoring Only service.

A Key Safe Box is strongly recommended with the Monitoring Only service.

Option 2 - Monitoring & Responding

You will have access to our dedicated Responding Team 24 hours a day in an emergency, such as a fall.

If we receive an emergency alarm call from you, our 24-hour control team will quickly establish what action is required, which could result in our Responding Team or the emergency services being dispatched to you.

You will need to supply a key to your property which will be kept at a secure location and only accessible to the HEARS service. If you choose to have a Key Safe Box fitted by us you will also need to supply a second key.

All our Responders are Ipswich based, allowing for quick and effective response times.

Please view our map to see what areas are covered by the two options.

Additional Services

*Key Safe Box

You will need to provide one key to your property.

A secure Key Safe Box is fitted outside your home, which holds the key.

Only accessible in emergencies by our Responding Team, your nominated contacts or the emergency services.

Highly recommended for all services.

*Falls Detector

This is worn as a wrist strap and is activated by the velocity of a fall. The detector recognises that you have fallen and activates the alarm unit in your property and a call is put through to our 24-hour control team.

Consideration - The falls detector works on the velocity and severity of a fall. This means that not every fall will trigger the alarm such as a 'slow fall' or sliding off a chair and our 24-hour control team will not automatically be contacted. If able, you should always press your button when you need help.

*Smoke Detector

A specialist smoke detector is fitted in your property. If smoke is detected it activates the alarm unit in your property and a call is put through to the 24-hour control team.

You will be required to have a Key Safe Box for the Smoke Detector Service.

What can't we do?

  • Provide routine care or nursing matters, i.e. toileting, personal care or getting out of bed etc.
  • Administer drugs, medication or deal with routine dressings.

If you have any special requirements or needs we will be happy to discuss them with you.

For our current charges please see How much does it cost?

*Visit our photo gallery to view images of HEARS equipment, including the key safe box, falls detector and smoke detector.

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