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The wild side of allotments

Published5th November 2019

Allotments are not only a good place to grow produce; they are also a great place to watch and support wildlife.

Many allotment sites in Ipswich provide features for wildlife such as reptile hibernaculum (like this one at Maidenhall allotments), ponds, bird and bug boxes and some even have bird watching hides. Having an allotment plot can be a great opportunity to watch wildlife, learn about the seasons and improve your carbon footprint at the same time by reducing the air miles on your food!

Allotments are fantastic for all kinds of wildlife from nesting blackbirds in sheds, to slow worms and other reptiles in log piles and grass heaps. Recent studies have also shown that allotments are fantastic places for hedgehogs, too, with a large number of hibernating opportunities and lots of areas to forage for insects.

If you want to help wildlife, why not get an allotment and create a haven for wildlife? From putting up nest boxes for bats, birds or bees to installing a pond, reptile hibernaculum or creating a wildflower strip there are plenty of things you can do for wildlife on your allotment plot or field.

If you are interested in having an allotment plot in Ipswich visit https://www.ipswich.gov.uk/content/renting-allotment