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Ipswich Borough Council Election Results 2019

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The local elections on 2nd May saw 16 seats contested - one in each of the 16 wards.

Alexandra Ward

Turn out: 28.18%

Surname First namePartyVotes
WESTKatherine MaryConservative 379
WILLIAMSHenry Alberto Liberal Democrats172
WILMOTTomGreen Party341

Jane Riley is elected as Councillor for Alexandra Ward. Labour hold.

Bixley Ward

Turn out: 36.25%

Surname First namePartyVotes
ANDERSON  Paul JamesLabour522
CHAMBERSRobert Liberal Democrats173
POPERichard William John Conservative 1026

Richard Pope is elected as Councillor for Bixley Ward. Conservative hold.

Bridge Ward

Turn out: 25.54%

SurnameFirst namePartyVotes
ARMSTRONG CharlotteGreen221
BRUNNINGMurray James Conservative351
KERSEYCatherineUK Independence Party 250
SMARTPhilip HenryLabour738
WEICHERTImmo Liberal Democrats87

Philip Smart is elected as Councillor for Bridge Ward. Labour hold.

Castle Hill Ward

Turn out: 30.36%

Surname First name  PartyVotes
HARRISJohn WilliamLabour511
WILLIAMSSophie Helena Frances Liberal Democrats 311

Erion Xhaferaj is elected as Councillor for Castle Hill Ward. Conservative hold.

Gainsborough Ward

Turn out: 26.33%

SurnameFirst name PartyVotes
COOKMartin Lewis Labour736
OWENSJoshua Richard Conservative and Unionist359
PATMOREBrieanna Jade Skie Green92
POOLEY Shayne RobertUK Independence Party 384
WHITMORERobin ThomasLiberal Democrats 52

Martin Cook is elected as Councillor for Gainsborough Ward. Labour hold.

Gipping Ward

Turn out: 22.40%

Surname  First namePartyVotes
CAWTHORNPaul BernardConservative 344
GARDINERPeter Kenneth Labour738
PICKERINGKarl DavidUK Independence Party 212
PRYKEGeraldLiberal Democrats112
STORRYNigel JohnGreen127

Peter Gardiner is elected as Councillor for Gipping Ward. Labour hold.

Holywells Ward

Turn out: 35.87%

Surname First namePartyVotes
DALEYPaul BryanLiberal Democrats 120
HARSANTElizabeth MaryConservative and Unionist 918
RIVETTJennifer Catherine Lynn Green272

Elizabeth Harsant is elected as Councillor for Holywells Ward. Conservative hold.

Priory Heath Ward

Turn out: 30.05%

SurnameFirst namePartyVotes
DRAKELucy Margaret Liberal Democrats 108
MURRAYSamantha Jayne Conservative538
NEWBURYChristopher James Independent252
PATMOREAndrew JamesGreen153
RICHARDSON LukeLabour925

Luke Richardson is elected as Councillor for Priory Heath Ward. Labour hold.

Rushmere Ward

Turn out: 35.37%

Surname  First namePartyVotes
CRACKNELLKelvin JohnLabour935
IONStephen Richard Conservative812
JACOBNicholas Allen Swinton Liberal Democrats169

Kelvin Cracknell is elected as Councillor for Rushmere Ward. Labour gains from Conservatives.

Sprites Ward

Turn out: 28.68%

Surname  First namePartyVotes
PACKWOODConrad Robert-Smith Liberal Democrats 60
SCANESMichael RaymondConservative414
SMITHJennifer SusanLabour717

Jennifer Smith is elected as Councillor for Sprites Ward. Labour hold.

St John's Ward

Turn out: 32.24%

SurnameFirst name PartyVotes
DARWINMichelle Mia-Nancy Labour 1030
GRANTJosephine JeanUKIP 251
PACKARDEdward FrederickLiberal Democrats 127
PHILLIPSMark PatrickConservative474
ROOKJudith CatherineGreen236

Michelle Darwin is elected as Councillor for St. John's Ward. Labour hold

St Margaret's Ward

Turn out: 44.95%

Surname First name PartyVotes
BARRADELLMaggieLabour  439
LOCKINGTON Timothy JohnLiberal Democrats  1533
REYNOLDSLee ChadwickConservative 627
WILMOTKirsty EllenGreen 270

Timothy Lockington is elected as Councillor for St Margaret's Ward. Liberal Democrats gains from Conservatives.

Stoke Park Ward

Turn out: 35.67%

SurnameFirst name PartyVotes
BLACKERTony Paul Stewart Labour615
BROOMBarry PhilipGreen110
HAAKERMaureen AnneLiberal Democrats 72
HALLRobert CharlesConservative684

Robert Hall is elected as Councillor for Stoke Park Ward. Conservative hold.

Westgate Ward

Turn out: 24.97%

SurnameFirst namePartyVotes
GIBBSJulian DavidLabour and Co-operative 807
HOREMartinLiberal Democrats 132
MANNJohn WilliamGreen170

Julian Gibbs is elected as Councillor for Westgate Ward. Labour hold.

Whitehouse Ward

Turn out: 21.96%

SurnameFirst namePartyVotes
BROWNMichelle Fiona Annette Liberal Democrats 117
GOULDColin AnthonyUKIP 283
HARRISONEdmund NicholasGreen101
LARKStephen Michael Conservative288
TRENCHARD Lucinda AgnesLabour 578

Lucinda Trechard is elected as Councillor for Whitehouse Ward. Labour hold.

Whitton Ward

Turn out: 29.37%

Surname First namePartyVotes
DAVEYDanielLiberal Democrats 152
DOWNIEJohn PeterConservative552
HEAPSDarren Edward Labour776

Darren Heaps is elected as Councillor for Whitton Ward. Labour gains from Conservatives

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