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Travel back in time over 100 years and become a Victorian servant. Discover the gadgets they used and the science behind running the Mansion.

These sessions are suitable for ages 5+.

Have you ever found something interesting and wondered what it might be? Bring in your own items, share your stories about them and ask questions to a variety of specialists.

Can you help solve a mystery? Search the museum for clues and use your new-found forensic skills to solve the mystery!

This event is suitable for ages 6+

Come and create your own clock inspired by the art and furniture on display.

Be inspired by the displays to make a Lego model of your favourite museum object. All creations will be photographed by the end of the day and included in a digital display for all to admire.

Have you ever wondered what a bird’s feather or a butterfly looks like close up? Or how it feels to hold a woolly mammoth tooth?

Join Ipswich Makerspace for the monthly Coder Dojo. Tinker with Raspberry Pi, code in Python or create games in Scratch. All tech is provided (but feel free to bring yours).

Our Tudor surgeon will be letting you in on the secrets of sawing off limbs, bloodletting with leeches and medieval medicine. Come along, if you’re brave enough!

We think it will take around 45 minutes to complete your automata, but you can drop-in at any time during your stated time slot.

Explore fascinating animals and plants that lived millions of years ago – hold part of a woolly mammoth, ammonite or even part of a dinosaur.