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Parks update: All parks are now open as safety inspections have been carried out.

Online mapping

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GIS Online is an interactive mapping service providing access to all public maps of the Ipswich area held by Ipswich Borough Council.

Our GIS User Guide will help you explore the full functionality of GIS Online, however the basics are outlined below.

You have a choice of four maps: General (community facilities, boundaries, public buildings, business parks etc.), Local Plan 97, Local Plan Policies 2014-2016 and Planning Online.

  • To switch between maps, simply click on the label at the top right hand side of the map.
  • To turn on and off the layers, tick or remove the tick from the list under 'Map Content' in the left hand panel. You can turn on one or more layers, or a whole group of them. There are layers which are displayed only at a certain scale interval. They are shown in grey when they are not active.
  • Use the “i” at Tools to get information about the objects.
  • To add extra layers to the original set use 'Data Sources' and select the layers to add to the map.
  • Use 'Search' to find location by address. Use wildcard * to replace one or two characters of the address in order to get a wider selection. Select an address from the list and the map will relocate to the selected location.
  • Measurement functions are available to measure distance and area on the map.
  • Turn on 'Aerial photograph' to see Ipswich from the air.