Ipswich Borough Council on track to deliver hundreds of new affordable homes for the town’s residents

Published7th June 2021

Ipswich Borough Council is proceeding well, via its housebuilding company Handford Homes, with its many housing schemes across the town that will deliver new council and other housing to our residents.

Developments around the town – including at Grimwade Street – should provide another 40 new homes by the end of March 2022. These will follow the 60 homes recently completed at the former Tooks Bakery site. Further homes at Bibb Way and Ravenswood should then be completed by 2024.

Cllr Neil MacDonald, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Health at Ipswich Borough Council says:  "I am delighted to see we have a continuous stream of new homes coming forward over the next three years.

“The development of Tooks Bakery has recently delivered 60 homes which are all now occupied – including 41 new council properties.

“I’m looking forward to 40 new council flats and houses completing by March 2022, giving more people the chance of a high-quality home with secure tenure, impressive insulation and a great repairs service.

“It’s also great news that plans for building 150 homes at Bibb Way are proceeding, with IBC planning to buy the development if it achieves planning consent and then get our house building company Handford Homes to complete the development.”