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Safer Streets

Our Safer Streets projects are committed to making your streets safer. We are implementing a range of initiatives and actions to do this but we all need to play our part in making our streets safer.


Safer Streets 3 Project

Safer Streets 3 is a government initiative, aiming to work across multiple departments, teams and organisations to improve the safety of public places. As part of the government’s Safer Streets Round 3 Fund, the Council bid for and was successfully awarded £124,391.

The core aim of the project is to reduce violence against women and girls (VAWG) and increase women and girls’ feelings of safety in public spaces, through the implementation and delivery of a number of initiatives and actions. In general, there is an expectation that the measures will deter crime and reduce anti-social behaviour, therefore helping residents, visitors to the area and business owners feel reassured and safer when out and about. 


  • Awareness campaign

Messaging in and around the Norwich area has been installed to spread awareness and encourage people to report crimes they see, to make the area safer. We want to reach members of the community and make them feel part of this initiative, so they can help to bring about change. This extensive awareness campaign is running alongside a Crimestoppers campaign throughout February and March.

The cameras will monitor activity along Norwich Road between Valley Rd and Civic Drive with three at Barrack Corner. The locations were identified by the Police as the best sites for the cameras and they will be monitored by the Council’s 24-hour Emergency Control Centre. The cameras are funded from the 

The introduction of greater surveillance will help to deter crime and reduce anti-social behaviour and so help residents, visitors to the area and business owners feel reassured and safer when out and about. These cameras are just one of the measures being put in place to make women and girls, in particular, feel safer in the area.

  • Personal safety alarms and self-defence classes
  • Rolling out the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign to businesses
  • Replacing the safety mirrors in the St Matthew’s Street subway
  • Installation of new waste bins
  • Removal of flyposting
  • Community engagement events


Engagement Event 15 February 2022

An engagement event is planned for 15 February, 9am to 4pm at Barrack Corner, Norwich Road that will be attended by Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk Constabulary to engage with residents and business owners and discuss issues, distribute materials and provide more information about the Safer Streets project.



Complete our survey to share your views on how you feel about and what you have experienced when visiting the Norwich Road area. We welcome your feedback.

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Responses to the project being awarded 

Cllr Alasdair Ross, Ipswich Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community Protection, said: “Sarah Everard’s tragic death on 3 March 2021 and the devastating details that have come to light since have highlighted public concerns nationally about the safety of women and children in public places and our bid for further Safer Streets funding focusses on how we can address those fears locally to ensure that everyone feels safer on Ipswich’s streets. I’m very pleased that we have been successful in winning the money and will now be able to introduce changes that will help address the general feelings of unsafety among women and girls in the town. It’s a great win and the council has won because of its continued work with partners and the public. It’s a victory for us all.”

Tim Passmore, Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “I am absolutely delighted that this bid for additional Government funding has been successful, it’s great news for Ipswich. This Safer Streets money will make a tangible difference to the safety of everyone in the Norwich Road area, with the addition of CCTV for example. I hope this significant investment and our particular focus on improving women and girls’ perceptions of safety in public places will also help improve confidence in the area. Policing has an important part to play in protecting women and girls from violence but we will only make a difference if we take a partnership approach to working with the local community, businesses and residents which is exactly what this project will do.”