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Season tickets are available to purchase for use at the following Ipswich Borough Council car parks:

We now offer two types of season tickets in our long stay car parks, a traditional ‘paper’ annual season ticket and our new ‘virtual’ monthly season ticket.  

Monthly season tickets

Our monthly season tickets are ‘virtual’ and can be purchased and managed online. They are paid for by continuous debit or credit card payments and automatically renew for however long you want.  

Season ticketPrice
5 day monthly (Mon - Fri, including bank holidays) £77.92 per month
7 day monthly (All week, including bank holidays) £82.50 per month
Evening & Weekend monthly (6pm - 8am Mon - Fri & all day weekend & bank holidays£20.67 per month

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Annual season ticket

Traditional paper season tickets are still available if you prefer. 

Season ticketPrice
5 day annual (Mon - Fri, including bank holidays) £935 per year
7 day annual (All week, including bank holidays) £990 per year
Evening & Weekend annual (6pm - 8am Mon - Fri & all day weekend & bank holidays£248 per year

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Other season tickets

We also offer season tickets in Norwich Road Shoppers Car Park (formerly South Street) and Fore Street Car Park however these are only on offer to residents of certain specified addresses.  For more information, please click below.

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