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Building regulations make sure that new building work is safe and energy efficient. Check with us to see if you need building regulations approval before starting a project.

You need to apply for Building Regulation Approval whenever you intend to carry out building work.
A charge is payable when you send a Building Regulation application to the Council.
How to apply for Building Regulations Full Plans approval.
Not all buildings and extensions need Building Regulation consent before being erected.
There is a choice of two application types, depending on you or your builder's knowledge of construction processes.
Building Notices can save you time and money as you do not have to prepare and submit detailed plans.
Building Regulations require that you or your builder notify the local council at various stages so that the work can be inspected.
If work has already been carried out without Building Regulation consent you will need to apply for a Regularisation Certificate to remedy the situation.
Building Regulations and Town and Country Planning are completely separate and you may need to make two applications, including paying two separate fees.
If a disagreement arises with your local authority and/or your Full Plans are rejected, there are a number of different options open to you.


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